Switchword mug for health


A mug for those who would like to have better health. Insert your name in both of the apples, (one on each side of the mug), repeat the Switchwords and start feeling better.

Click on the “Buy product” button to go to our Zazzle print-on-demand site to put your name in the apples on the mug and see the variety of colours and styles that are available.


Switchwords are similar to affirmations but they are more readily accepted by both your conscious and subconscious minds. They were first discovered by James T Mangan in the 1950s and, after Mangan’s death in 1970, Shunyam Nirav researched Switchwords for 30 years. Universal Switchwords are thought to work for 95-100 per cent of people. The Universal Switchwords used in this design are for anyone who wants to have better health. Just repeat the words silently in your mind or out loud.


TOGETHER is the Master Switchword. It aligns the conscious and subconscious minds together as one and brings you whatever you want.

BE is the Switchword for good health and peace of mind.

CHANGE is the Switchword used to get rid of pain and negative thoughts.

ALONE is the Switchword that promotes healing.


Please note that Feel Good Art cannot guarantee success with these Switchwords, however, we believe the more you use them, the more likely you are to have better health.


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